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Welcome to Hayleigh Louise Bridal

The Rehearsal 

The bridal rehearsal is the time to meet Hayleigh and get to know her as a stylist, whilst you have a chat about the style you desire for your big day.

The rehearsal usually takes place 2-3 months before the wedding unless you decide otherwise, this enables most of the wedding to be organised by then and also allows Hayleigh to get more of an insight into the wedding, your style and your hair as these things can change.

Hayleigh will go through all the fine details with you and your likes and dislikes before starting the hair rehearsal.

Hayleigh will discuss the best products for your hair and final look with you throughout the rehearsal.

All the styles, products and techniques that are used throughout the rehearsal will be recorded for the big day along with pictures. Any changes to be made to the final look will also be recorded in this way.

The rehearsal normally lasts between 2 to 4 hours at Hayleigh's private studio.

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